Corporate life and Training



Sept - Nov 2017

  • Got 3 months training on Full Stack Development by CGI India @StackRoute.
  • Learnt about Design Principles, implemented few Design Patterns to write modular, extendable code and solve general problems of Software design, Understood the advantages of Microservices Architecture over Monolithic Architecture, Importance of CI/CD and Agile methodology.
  • Completed project (leading the project as Scrum master) using these technologies and tools : Angular 5, Spring boot Application, Docker, Jenkins, Git, SVN, MongoDB, Redis, Neo4J, SQL.
  • Final Presentation for the Deployment dashboard project.
  • I wrote about this adventurous journey in this medium blog .

December 2017 to December 2018

  • Started working as Full Stack Developer in CGI Group Electronic city office Bangalore.
  • Maintained and deployed project (Used technology: Angular 4, NodeJS, MySQL)
  • In this time period Angular framework improved a lot (Angular 5, 6, 7 is released within a year). I understood that Angular is very powerful and can be used to fulfil any frontend requirements. I posted a blog post mentioning few powerful concepts of Angular 7 in medium .
  • REST APIs are created and used SQL in the database side. If you use NodeJS for real time, reading/writing to the filesystem, reading/writing to the database you love using it, because it is pretty fast and simple. I wrote few interesting points about nodeJS in this medium blog post.